1108 — mobilkom austria launches Wireless LAN

Feb 13, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Mobilkom austria announced the launch of Wireless LAN, which completes the company’s range of mobile services encompassing GSM, GPRS and UMTS. Mobilkom austria will establish hotspots through partnerships throughout the country and provide its customers with mobile broadband internet access. The first cooperation is with McDonald‘s restaurants Wireless and Fast.

‘Integrating Wireless LAN while using synergies with existing technologies to provide customers with simple wireless access to the internet and the corporate networks: these represent our objectives in bringing WLAN to the Austrian market. The introduction of WLAN completes our range of mobile services and allow even higher data transfer speeds for our customers,’ explains Hannes Ametsreiter, mobilkom austria’s chief marketing, sales and customer service officer.

Mobilkom austria is providing its customers with one bill for all carrier technologies via a single SIM card and with a uniform tariff structure for all data services. Regardless of the data transmission technology in the background, GPRS, UMTS or Wireless LAN, customers are always offered the same simple tariff structure. For instance the DATA PACKAGES, offered for GPRS/UMTS, are now also available for WLAN.