1291 — IBM introduces new chip design verification software

Jun 11, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

IBM has announced the launch of a new chip design verification software. It was developed by its researchers at Haifa Research Lab, and aims to shorten the design cycle and help produce higher quality chips.

Yaron Wolfsthal, senior manager of Formal Verification and Testing Technologies, stated that “this technology harnesses the power of formal verification and makes it a mainstream design tool”. He added, “the availability of this capability during the design phase can help designers gain immediate insight into the behaviour of their design, changing it dynamically to meet the requirements”.

In the past, IBM made this verification technology available only to IBM engineers. In future time, it is expected to be employed by IBM’s customers and partners worldwide. For that, it has announced a program under which its customers can upgrade from the previous generation of IBM’s formal verification product to RuleBase Parallel Edition.


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