1424 — Telmex`s Brazil unit Embratel cutting jobs-union

Aug 17, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Brazilian long-distance operator Embratel which was recently bought by Mexico’s Telmex has cut some jobs, a union official said.

Luis Antonio Silva, president of the Telecommunications Workers Union, known as Sinttel, said Embratel had canceled the contracts of 1,000 third party workers and laid off 100 people from its call center and 60 people from its international division. The company’s press office did not confirm the numbers given by the union. It did say Embratel was carrying out redundancies, but not on a big scale. The changes were, ‘usual in a process of transfer of control,’ the press office said.

Telefonos de Mexico closed the $400 million acquisition of 52 percent voting stake in Embratel from U.S. company MCI Inc. in late July.

‘It’s normal for a company to think about restructuring, but usually you call the union to see who can be retired and offer some kind of incentives,’ said Sinttel , adding that the union believed Embratel employed about 7,000 people. He said Embratel had not presented workers with a redundancy plan.



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