1426 — Qwest Communications Provides Voice XML Call Center Solutions to 400 Business Customers

Aug 19, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

The provider of voice, video and data services, Qwest Communications, has announced it has signed contracts with more than 400 business customers to provide Qwest Web Contact Center (QWCC) services as part of the customers’ call center solutions.

These customers came from a wide range of industries (manufacturing, retail, banking and state governments), and use QWCC services to route large call volumes and enhance customer service within their call centers. Qwest also announced the launch of EZ-Route version 3.0. The Company said that this product provided with QWCC, enables customers to develop customized, voice-prompted call center menus, which allow callers to easily select options such as customer service, support and information.


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