1458 — BT launches new performance reporting services

Aug 30, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

BT has announced new state of the art online performance reporting services that provide near real time health status of converged voice and data networks via a single dashboard. It was developed in partnership with Concord and piloted by Securicor Cash Services Limited.

On the announcement note, BT reveals that its new Convergence Performance Reporting services required an investment of £4 million to develop, and will track class of service, WAN, LAN, secure internet, IP telephony and remote access over customer IP infrastructures. BT will be the exclusive provider until 2005.

Accessed through BT’s secure web portal, the information can be presented either as a traditional network-centric view, or according to the business processes of the customer.

Andrea Boardman, infrastructure operations manager at Securicor Cash Services Limited, said “This innovative service will enable us to monitor our network in real time and to make informed decisions with BT on whether our network needs to be upgraded, thereby helping us to provide the best possible service to our customers “.

Customisable for business or technical views using Myhealth, the reporting dashboard refreshes every 15 minutes to display the converged network’s status via red, amber and green traffic lights. Clicking on the amber and red lights takes the customer directly to the part of the network that has breached the threshold for further investigation.

“While voice and data have been converged onto a single network, performance reporting needed to catch up. Until today, companies and organisations have had to view the status of either their voice or data network instead of
being able to take a single strategic look at the health of their converged network. This capability is critical where enterprises are completely reliant on a single network to conduct business”, noted Greg Charman, senior commercial manager, BT Convergent Solutions.

Convergence performance reporting is available immediately in four levels of service: bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

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