1528 — Kingston Communications boosts broadband speeds as customers set to go 50 per cent faster

Oct 20, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Broadband telephone company Kingston Communications has announced it is revamping its range of broadband services to offer faster speeds and no download limits – all at the current prices. This move will see KC providing some of the fastest ADSL broadband speeds in the UK.

According to Kingston Communication, the Company is set to permanently boost the speed of broadband internet connections for most homes and businesses by 50 per cent and scrap download limits. No download limits means a better broadband experience for all broadband users – surf what you like when you like, as big as you like with no hidden costs. Most customers will be migrated with immediate effect and minimum fuss – they just sit back and reap the benefits. Customers do not need to contact KC.

The new packages are:
Karoo RapidTime Surf 250 becomes Karoo Broadband 250 (no download limits, no change in speed) – £18.99
Karoo RapidTime Stream 500 Pro becomes Karoo Broadband 750 (no download limits, faster speeds) – £27.99
Karoo RapidTime Speed 1000 Pro becomes Karoo Broadband 1500 (no download limits, faster speeds) – £34.99
RapidBiz Solo, Solo Pro, Teleworker and Teleworker Pro – speed boosted from 512kbps to 750kbps
RapidBiz Net 250 – no download limits
RapidBiz NetLite – speed boosted from 512kbps to 750kbps, no download limits
RapidBiz NetHeavy – speed boosted from 1000kbps to 1500kbps, no download limits
RapidBiz NetIntensive – no download limits, no change in speed

Managers at KC say that this move is to give internet users all over Hull and East Yorkshire a true broadband experience – fast, uncapped downloads and value for money broadband. KC is keen to stress that prices will remain unchanged and customers do not need to call KC to get the new services.

Steve Whitt, market development manager at Kingston Communications East Yorkshire division, said: “This is great news for broadband customers. When we cut our prices in August we promised that more internet enhancements were on the way. KC surfers now benefit from some of the fastest ADSL broadband speeds in the UK as well as unlimited downloads – we think it’s the ultimate broadband experience. Watch out for more exciting internet developments later in the year”.


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