1532 — Converged Mobile Devices Expand Role Within Enterprise, IDC Says

Oct 22, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Although corporate adoption of handheld devices (non-voice) is progressing at a crawl, the promise of productivity gains possible on converged mobile devices is increasing, says IDC. At the end of 2004, the research firm forecasts that 2.6 million converged devices worldwide will be purchased by enterprise accounts.

According to the report “Worldwide Handheld and Converged Mobile Device Enterprise Adoption 2004-2008 Forecast” the trend toward enterprise mobile enablement will continue to gain momentum over the next several years as more companies invest in mobility to maintain their competitive position, take advantage of promising best practices, and establish control over the mobile devices already part of their corporate environment. The industry is now reaching the point where mobility in the enterprise is being accepted as an inevitability and efforts are focusing on the applications, data sets, processes, and workers that will benefit the most, as well as the mobile platforms and device types that are best for specific jobs.

“The allure of mobilizing corporate applications, improving customer interactions, gaining efficiencies with suppliers, and improving business processes continues to grow within the enterprise segment,” said Kevin Burden, research manager, Mobile Devices at IDC. “However, corporations remain realistic about the gains that mobility can deliver, and continue to reserve investments where only clear and obvious returns are present


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