1612 — Nortel achieves next generation Internet Protocol Qualification

Dec 23, 2004 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Nortel has become the first networking company to complete the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) phase II test regimen for IPv6, the next generation Internet Protocol.

UNH-IOL is the industry’s leading IPv6 lab, offering what is considered to be the most comprehensive testing available to ensure IPv6 compliance of various networking platforms and solutions.

Nortel has also demonstrated the IPv6 capabilities in a multi-vendor environment by participating in the Moonv6 future Internet trials recently conducted by U.S. Department of Defense, the Internet2 Consortium, the North American IPv6 Task Force and UNH-IOL.

IPv6 will enable the Internet to continue to grow, accommodating new addresses for users and destinations on the Internet that would otherwise be unavailable with current technology. IPv6 will also provide greater security to the medium and allow new rich-featured applications that require more capacity than is available in the current Internet configuration. This will enable new applications that can run on many devices and very high-bandwidth applications – like live video, distance learning, telemedicine, movies, concerts and other entertainment – to be delivered globally via the Internet as desired by end-users.

‘IPv6 represents the next generation Internet Protocol and it substantially improves on the current version – especially improving security and scalability,” said Larry Hettick, vice president for Wireline Solutions at Current Analysis. “The University of New Hampshire’s Interoperability Lab is recognized as one of the top leaders in establishing IPv6 industry standards. Their testing methodology proves IPv6 protocol compatibility and demonstrates performance capabilities

“Nortel’s Moonv6 trial results demonstrate that the company has viable, deployment-ready IPv6 solutionsHettick said. “By being the first to pass the comprehensive UNH testing regimen, Nortel has taken a leadership position in IPv6 development.’


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