1680 — IVIGO Launches First Click-to-Use Video Call Centre Solution for PCs and 3G Mobile Users

Feb 18, 2005 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

The provider of interactive multimedia video solutions, IVIGO, has announced the launch of a complete click-to-use video call centre solution, enabling enterprises to provide interactive video sales and customer care to customers with either broadband-connected PCs or 3G phones.

According to the release note, the IVIGO Video Call Centre forms a bridge between call centre agents and a wide variety of fixed (PC) and mobile (3G) users using video telephony and streaming. The solution supports VoIP, and video telephony over the Internet (SIP, H.323) as used by Microsoft Netmeeting and Windows Messenger. It also supports high quality 3G video telephony with mobile users, transporting the data over the 3G circuit-switched bearer to guarantee quality of service and easy integration with existing billing processes and popular shortcode number services.

‘The key defining aspect of the Video Call Centre solution is its ease of use for end-customers,’ said Ian Kain, IVIGO CEO. ‘The experience of sampling video customer support, for both 3G mobile and PC users, is quick and hassle-free, with no downloading or installation necessary. And it also integrates smoothly with enterprise systems like websites, billing and CRM. This is a golden opportunity for service providers, content owners and enterprises to deliver richer content and greater value to customers through interactive video .’


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