1701 — ASC Offers Smart Recording with SCREENscan

Mar 23, 2005 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

ASC has announced its new software solution for ‘smart’ recording based on desktop events.

On the release note, ASC points that SCREENscan initiates recording automatically when an agent presses any previously defined function, or when a particular error message, screen pop or application appears on the desktop and offers cost savings because it may be installed through a user-friendly configuration wizard without knowledge of CTI integration or other data interfaces. Thus, no professional setup fees are required. The user simply moves the mouse to define what events or applications should trigger recording.

Volkmar Henkel, Director New Technologies of ASC, said, ‘ASC continues to refine and introduce new solutions to enable more powerful analysis and facilitate the quality monitoring process. SCREENscan empowers our customers in two ways. First, it lets them determine what desktop events should be recorded and studied. Second, it enables them to configure, and if necessary change, the system themselves as often as they w ish.’

SCREENscan provides rules-based recording for voice, VoIP, email, chat or browsing. It tags interactions by pre-selected parameters, such as agent I.D. or time of transmission, thus allowing for easy grouping, searching and retrieval. It may be used to analyze specific programs, products and customers as well as the effectiveness of new training procedures.

SCREENscan tracks previously hard-to-record devices such as attendant consoles; supports both web-based and client-server environments; and is fully interoperable with virtually any enterprise-wide business application such as CRM, e-learning, ERP and helpdesk.

The system may be selected as an option with other ASC recording and quality monitoring solutions — MARATHON EVOLUTION, MARATHON EVOlite, INSPIRATIONpro and EVOip (VoIP recording) — and does not require an additional server. It is licensed on a per seat basis, and system requirements are minimal.


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