1743 — EMAX Consulting Revamps Dudley MBC Contact Centre

Apr 26, 2005 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

EMAX Consulting, a specialist in the global contact centre market, announced it has delivered a suite of efficiency and effectiveness improvements for Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council Housing Services. The goal is to re-launch its 24 hour contact centre.

On the release note its is explained that the project has focused on improving the quality of services provided by the contact centre – particularly where information and communications technology are critical to the organisation’s ongoing improvement. The contact centre implemented an online appointment setting system, affording customers significantly greater flexibility to interact with Dudley MBC Housing Services and to enable the organisation to manage the cost of improved service delivery, helping to achieve financial targets.

Dudley MBC’s Directorate of Housing commissioned EMAX as a result of a recent and significant increase in demand for its services and the resulting need to implement new procedures, technologies and a new service culture throughout the organisation. Dudley MBC also sought to improve the levels of interaction between the contact centre and Building Services and Estate Management officers, in order to ultimately provide an improved service for the customer.

During the project, EMAX planned the development and re-design of the contact centre through “Process Mapping”, enabling service delivery and information management to be both as efficient and effective as possible. A key element of the project was to identify the contact centre’s existing and required resources in order to meet target service levels. The campaign also defined and created a service culture which will serve to meet Dudley Housings’ service level expectations.

From the project’s inception, EMAX strived to generate stakeholder “buy in” – particularly regarding acceptance of the new services – with an extensive training programme subsequently implemented for both operatives and team-leaders. As a result, the project is already being regarded as successful by Dudley’s housing directorate.

Sue Morris, Assistant Director of Housings Business Services for Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, commented that “EMAX already noted a marked improvement in both our agents’ availability to assist Housing Services’ customers and the effectiveness of the centre as a whole, despite a continued increase in the volume of calls. This increase in interest is already placing heightened demands on the contact centre but the solutions that we have put in place ensure that our centre is scalable, allowing us to maintain our service levels whatever the levels of caller traffic.”


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