1754 — Genesys and SLS implement a skills based routing solution for O2

May 11, 2005 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories and Silver Lining Solutions have worked together to implement their workforce management solutions at mobile communications service provider O2 . This implementation is part of a wider project, currently being implemented by BT Group, a Genesys InterActs partner, to deploy a single virtual contact centre operation across O2’s contact centre sites in the UK.

On the release note, the companies state that the implementation of Genesys Workforce Management and SLS’ Discover skills assessment solutions software is helping O2 to identify, improve and monitor the level of skills and knowledge across its 8,000 call centre advisors then route each type of inbound customer enquiry to the O2 advisor who has the best skills and knowledge to manage it.

The integration of the Discover skills assessment solution from SLS with Genesys Workforce Management allows agent optimisation, by accurately matching agent work hours with forecasted customer demand across all channels such as voice, e-mail and Web media, to provide a resilient and seamless operation across all O2 virtual contact centre sites. Combined with the Discover skills solution from SLS, the Genesys skill-based routing module allows O2 to route calls to the agent best qualified to deal with the enquiry, whatever contact centre they are located in. As a result, O2 is now better equipped to manage its agent resources across all three of its UK contact centres and to provide true skills-based routing of all communications.

‘Providing the best possible customer service experience is of prime importance for O2, which makes it vital that customers contacting our call centres are always directed to the person with the most knowledge and experience to address their query. The solution from Genesys and SLS helps O2 to achieve this aim,” commented Karen Laidler, director of technology services at O2 .

Mark Turner, Managing Director for UK and Ireland, Genesys, said: “Properly managing a workforce remains one of the most under-appreciated initiatives in the contact centre marketplace. By implementing Genesys Workforce Management as well as skills-based routing as part of its virtual contact centre initiative, O2 is demonstrating the commitment it has to caring for its customers and staff alike, an approach that should ensure it remains at the forefront of the mobile services market.”


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