1776 — S1 and Edify new offer for Financial industry

May 30, 2005 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

S1 Corporation and its subsidiary Edify Corporation introduced the next generation of its speech application for the financial services industry.

The jointly developed voice banking solution is designed to give retail banks and credit unions cost-effective, speech-based ways to automate user authentication, merchant funds verification and branch/ATM locator help, without assistance from a live agent. The product’s expanded features says to bring all the needed functionality to replace existing touchtone systems deployed in retail financial institutions. The speech application helps banks enhance their brand in the voice channel with a friendly and knowledgeable persona named ‘Kate.’

This advanced speech application is said to be available standalone, known as Edify Voice Banking 2.0, or integrated on the S1 Enterprise Platform, known as S1 Enterprise Voice Banking 2.0. The new solution is one of nine applications of S1 Enterprise, which uniquely helps financial institutions reduce costs, leverage technology investments, increase revenue opportunities, and improve customer satisfaction by providing a unified, actionable view of their customers, systems and businesses.

. The persona ‘Kate’ is a virtual agent that possesses all of the characteristics that customers want a live agent to have when dealing with their money. Kate was developed to come across as knowledgeable and trustworthy and can be further customized to match a bank’s unique brand. As a packaged application, the solution is built on speech best practices delivering the level of quality needed to draw customers into higher usage, leading to higher return on investment for banks and improved levels of satisfaction for calling customers.

‘As financial institutions continue to add functionality by replacing touch-tone with speech, they are asking how complete the solution is, how easily and completely does it integrate with existing data systems and technology infrastructures, and does it adhere to open-standards support?‘ said Nancy Jamison, principal analyst at Jamison Consulting. ‘The joint S1-Edify voice banking solution helps financial firms minimize risk, expedite deployment and reduce total cost of ownership .’


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