1975 — Alcatel delivers an integrated video surveillance solution for the busiest Romanian highway

Dec 6, 2005 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Alcatel announced the official inauguration of its state of the art video surveillance solution for the DN1 highway, one of the busiest highway in Romania, from Bucharest to Azuga, in the presence of the Minister of Interior, Vasile Blaga, the Minister of Transports, Gheorghe Dobre, the Head of Delegation of the European Commission in Romania, Jonathan Scheele, the Police Department Chief, Dan-Valentin Fatuloiu and the President of Alcatel in Romania, Dan Bedros.

The contract, awarded by the Romanian General Police Inspectorate, covers a 140 km section of the DN1 highway. Alcatel’s solution allows the Traffic Police Department to better handle the traffic on this route, and thus increases the safety and security of drivers.

Alcatel is responsible for the turnkey supply of the end-to-end solution, including design, systems integration, engineering, installation, commissioning, testing, training and project management.

Alcatel delivered an innovative highway traffic control and surveillance solution. This solution is based on video technology and integrated with additional subsystems from best-in-class third party partners for speed measurement and enforcement (speed control), automatic number plate recognition, accident automatic alarm, traffic analysis, and data transmission on a 90 km optical fiber network. The new video surveillance infrastructure serves three control centers along the highway in Barcanesti, at the Police Academy in Bucharest and in Sinaia.

“This project reduces the traffic risk on a major highway in Romania.” said the Minister of Interior, Vasile Blaga.

Frederic Rose, President of Alcatel’s integration and services activities added: “Once again, this project proves our competency in providing full turnkey solutions in critical domains such as traffic handling and monitoring.”

“In the near future we will develop as well an advanced traffic management center, capable of analyzing and processing the existing information and of generating complex reports. We will be able to offer to the public appropriate information on web sites. The communication between the existing control centers will be improved”, said the Police Department Chief, Dan-Valentin Fatuloiu.

This contract, financed by the European Community within the framework of a PHARE program, followed recent contracts awarded to Alcatel in Romania to improve the security, safety and comfort of public rail transport.

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