2081 — Verint Expands Nextiva Solution with New Intelligent IP Cameras Bringing Integrated Video Analytics to the Network Edge

Apr 12, 2006 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Verint Systems announced the extension of its Nextiva solution with intelligent, professional IP cameras that bring integrated analytics to the network edge. The Nextiva Intelligent IP cameras build on Verint’s deep experience in IP networked video and embedded analytics technology to provide a powerful yet affordable end-to-end IP video security solution.

By analyzing images in real time at the point of capture, government and commercial organizations can take a more proactive approach to security and more effectively determine threat levels and the appropriate response. The Nextiva Intelligent IP cameras reduce the need to send video to centralized servers for analysis, making video analytics practical and effective for every camera across the enterprise.

“Verint is committed to providing the most innovative and effective networked video solutions to our customers,” said Dan Bodner, President and CEO of Verint Systems Inc. “While Nextiva is designed to interoperate with a wide array of analog and IP cameras currently available in the market, these new Nextiva Intelligent IP cameras offer unique edge analytics capabilities and deliver enhanced end-to-end integration and reduced total cost of ownership

The Nextiva Intelligent IP cameras reduce the cost to deploy analytics across distributed IP networks by analyzing video at the network edge, dramatically reducing video transport and storage requirements. Pushing analytics to the edge enables Nextiva to capture and analyze higher quality images at the source, reducing time-consuming false alarms and enabling security managers to make more effective use of personnel. Through its seamless integration with Verint’s Nextiva video management platform, the Nextiva Intelligent IP cameras can be dynamically managed from anywhere on the network and enable the intelligent distribution of alarms, alerts and associated video to decision makers wherever they are located. This empowers more effective collaboration and timely response to emergency situations.


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