2171 — Genesys Announces Customer Interaction Management Platform Version 7.5

Feb 26, 2007 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc., an Alcatel-Lucent company (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU), today introduced a major upgrade of its contact centre software, enabling customer service organisations to dynamically orchestrate their use of resources and business processes throughout the enterprise. The Genesys 7.5 Customer Interaction Management Platform addresses critical issues facing businesses as they transform from cost centres to unified service centres capable of balancing, in real-time, the complex relationship between peaks and valleys in customer traffic, internal resources and desired business outcomes.


Today, most contact centres have a difficult time balancing their available human resources and automated systems, in response to changes in customer traffic such as calls, e-mails and other interactions, and in sync with underlying business initiatives such as sales goals, referrals and customer satisfaction ratings. Genesys defined a vision, called the Dynamic Contact Centre, which orchestrates all the areas of customer service automation.

The Dynamic Contact Centre integrates a wide range of capabilities that enable customer service centres to better understand and control their operations, switch quickly from reactive to proactive customer service, and effectively manage traffic and resources to meet changing business requirements as their environment changes. Version 7.5 delivers key new capabilities.

Genesys 7.5 builds on the award-winning Genesys software platform, particularly in leveraging Open IP and SIP standards. For example, Genesys 7.5 is the first contact centre software to incorporate presence—through IM, chat and IP telephony—and to leverage excess resources by switching agents to proactive contact management.

Genesys 7.5, available in April 2007, delivers new capabilities in four key areas:
Consolidation and Virtualisation of Resources
Through expanded support for SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and supporting virtual queues across multiple sites or branches.
Proactive Contact Management
Leading service organisations actively engage their customers to apprise them of relevant events or changes, such as appointment reminders or delayed flight departures. Proactive contact management dynamically generates messages in multiple formats – such as SMS or e-mail – to inform customers and eliminate unnecessary inbound calls. This enables a service organisation to adjust inbound and outbound interactions based on current traffic or external events.
Reporting and Analytics
Including metrics and reporting that provide more interaction detail across self- and assisted-service channels such as web, chat and e-mail.
Branch, Remote and Expert Integration
Sometimes the right expert for a customer call is located well beyond the contact centre in a branch or office. This key capability includes presence-based routing. For example, higher-valued clients might go to a highly skilled resource located within a branch office, rather than the general call centre.

“The Dynamic Contact Centre validates Genesys’ expansion into the areas of federation and process optimisation,” said Daniel Hong, lead analyst, Voice Business for Datamonitor. “Through the Dynamic Contact Centre, Genesys introduces new capabilities and texture around core routing, analytics and communication elements. When combined together, this is a powerful message and puts Genesys on the leading edge of the customer service software market evolution. We have great expectations for the DCC and are anxious to gauge its uptake in the market

“Outsourcing is increasingly a way of life for contact centres, but most vendors do not offer specific features in their applications that recognise this reality,” contends Sheila McGee-Smith, president and principal analyst of McGee-Smith Analytics. “With Genesys 7.5, customers take advantage of the latest in IP technology to tie together federated sites using Genesys SIP Server. In addition, Genesys’ sophisticated routing can consider the cost structure of an outsourcing contract and/or contract-based service level agreements. These 7.5 features allow both outsourcers and the enterprises using them to optimise their resources.”

‘We expect Version 7.5 to lead the industry to embrace the Dynamic Contact Centre as the gold standard of customer support,” said Steve Rutledge, vice president of product marketing management for Genesys. “ Genesys 7.5 represents a significant milestone in enabling enterprises to move more quickly to reaching their customer service goals.”

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