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Jul 5, 2002 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Comprehensive Multimedia Desktop Improves Customer Service Agent Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

SAN FRANCISCO, March 5, 2002 – Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc., a subsidiary of Alcatel (NYSE: ALA), today announced Contact Navigator, a new desktop application that optimizes customer service and agent performance in voice and web-enabled contact centers. Genesys’ Contact Navigator provides a streamlined graphical user interface (GUI) that enables agents to simultaneously manage multiple customer interactions over multiple media channels, including phone, e-mail, chat and web-based interactions, such as web collaboration. Offered as an option for Genesys Suite 6 solutions, Contact Navigator can be deployed quickly, delivering an enterprise-class solution and ideal desktop for handling all contact center interactions.

Contact Navigator creates an effective and efficient agent environment that increases agent focus, confidence and performance, and also includes a quick view of individual agent performance statistics for agent and supervisor reviews of contact center productivity. Genesys has filed for a patent on the new technology based on unique GUI features such as the Batch Navigation panel for the simultaneous handling of multiple customer interaction sessions.

“In the contact center, customer satisfaction and agent productivity are closely connected,” said Robert Mirani, Director, CRM Strategies at Yankee Group. “As customers demand impeccable service over the phone, e-mail, chat and the web, agents need tools that allow them to move quickly and effectively between customers and communication channels. Applications such as Genesys Contact Navigator help create an integrated agent desktop for any interaction type, which translates into higher job satisfaction for agents, and as a result, a higher level of service for end customers.”

Genesys designed Contact Navigator based on extensive research and field interviews with customer service agents and supervisors. Optimized for multimedia contact center environments, the application addresses human factors in design and function that relate directly to agent performance and productivity by streamlining access to information and eliminating repetitive actions. Contact Navigator also supports multiple languages, helping companies with global customer bases deliver the same quality of service across different geographies and nationalities.

Contact Navigator allows agents to successfully manage multiple customer interactions across a variety of channels on one screen. The desktop can be easily customized over time as agent focus and skill-sets evolve or change. The value of this is better blending of customer support, taking full advantage of Genesys’ routing capabilities to connect the customer to the agent best-equipped to resolve their inquiry. In addition, statistics on agent performance, first-call resolution and time-to-resolution, as well as a complete view of each individual customer’s interaction history, are given to agents and supervisors.

“The quality of service that a company can provide is increasingly dependent on the availability and presentation of personal customer information to the agent,” said Laura Haggerty, director of product management at Genesys. “Contact Navigator was developed for companies that need a well-designed, out-of-the-box agent desktop application that can be installed quickly.”

Depending on the customers current and future contact center infrastructure, Contact Navigator can support both a “thick-client / zero footprint” or “thin client” model for accessing applications. Contact Navigator is flexible and easy to integrate with existing enterprise systems. This new offering gives Genesys customers the option to use the Contact Navigator agent desktop, if an in-house or CRM desktop does not exist in the contact center. If the agent desktop environment changes over time, Contact Navigator customers can easily migrate to another agent desktop or leverage Genesys’ Gplus adapters, which provide pre-packaged integration with CRM applications from PeopleSoft, SAP, and Siebel Systems.

Genesys Contact Navigator is available as an option for Genesys Suite 6 solutions. Pricing starts at $500 per seat.

About Genesys
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alcatel (NYSE: ALA, Paris: CGEP.PA), is the leading provider of customer contact center solutions for Collaborative CRM, a critical component of a complete CRM business strategy. Genesys’ integrated suite of open, infrastructure-independent solutions manage customer interactions across all media types, networks, and applications. Genesys enables personalized, cost-effective customer service and delivers a foundation for enterprise-wide business processes that generate long-term, profitable customer relationships. Headquartered in San Francisco, Genesys has offices worldwide and maintains a global network of strategic partners, including Accenture, Alcatel, IBM and IBM Global Services, PeopleSoft, SAP, Siebel Systems and Verizon. Visit www.genesyslab.com for more information.


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