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Jul 8, 2002 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

PeopleSoft Certifies Multi-Channel Offering for Enterprise Customers

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Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Alcatel (NYSE: ALA), in April 24 announced general availability of its Gplus Adapter for PeopleSoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications. Certified by PeopleSoft, the Genesys Gplus Adapter offers pre-packaged integration of Genesys’ Universal Queue customer interaction management capabilities with PeopleSoft CRM applications. The combined solution provides a unified view of real-time customer interaction information and historical customer data to improve both agent productivity and customer satisfaction. The Genesys Gplus Adapter for PeopleSoft CRM is generally available worldwide.

Developed by Genesys with cooperation from PeopleSoft, the Genesys Gplus adapter for PeopleSoft CRM greatly reduces implementation time, as well as systems integration and agent training costs, for businesses using both Genesys and PeopleSoft CRM. This faster time-to-solution translates into faster ROI and lowered total cost of ownership over the long term.

The solution provides businesses with a single 360-degree view of their customers, including a complete interaction history – real-time and historical – and comprehensive enterprise data on each customer. The solution enables businesses to carry out intelligent segmentation and routing of customer interactions over multiple media types – voice, email, web chat, and web collaboration – all in a single desktop environment. With the Gplus Adapter, incoming customer interactions managed by Genesys will automatically be passed to PeopleSoft CRM, increasing agent intelligence and response time by keeping customer histories complete and up to date.

As part of continuing strategic partnership efforts, the companies have developed a common roadmap for future releases to promote ongoing solution optimization and ease of installation of Genesys and PeopleSoft solutions. Over the near term, the companies will focus on the synchronization and integration of customer information and configuration data from both applications.

“Genesys and PeopleSoft have a long history of successful enterprise installations. Our partnership builds on that experience to give our joint customers the most effective way to maximize CRM efforts,” said Nicolas de Kouchkovsky, vice president, Products and Strategy, Genesys.

‘Our partnership with Genesys Telecommunications delivers a high level of value to our mutual customers. Multi-channel reach, segmentation and personalization are critical to contact center implementations,’ said Stan Swete, senior vice president and general manager, PeopleSoft CRM.

The Genesys Gplus Adapter for PeopleSoft offers the benefits of a web-deployed solution. This contributes to ease of maintenance via centralized management.

The Genesys-PeopleSoft offering includes the following features:
§ Provides a single joint login
§ Allows multiple, simultaneous interactions with different customers
§ Manages multiple channels including email, chat, co-browsing, incoming calls and outgoing calls
§ Offers telephony toolbar for frequently used agent functions
§ Tracks individual agent performance statistics
§ Monitors average handling times for multi-channel interactions
§ Provides screen pop of PeopleSoft customer history information
§ Provides automatic notification of new customer interactions (for example, when a new interaction pops onto the desktop, an icon appears in the navigation bar to alert the agent)
§ Offers new supervisor review options, such as the ability to set time thresholds for e-mail responses with an automatic trigger to the supervisor when the threshold is exceeded

The Genesys Gplus program is a strategic initiative aimed at linking Genesys’ contact center solutions with leading e-business applications and traditional CRM software


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