283 — Editorial Status

Jul 9, 2002 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

The editorial project of Centro de Contacto, be it the online version or the printed form, strives to live up to the highest standards of impartiality when dealing with companies and associations of the sector.
The journalistic criteria will be our editorial guideline on both the portal and the magazine.

Other content areas will have the participation of several professionals of diverse sectors, being that participation in the form of opinion articles, market studies and others. The ultimate responsibility for these texts belongs to their individual authors, authors that have total liberty to defend various points of view.
Finally, concerning all forms of publicity, it will always be signalled as such. Publicity will not be mistaken for informative journalistic content.
At Centro de Contacto we are always open to suggestions, criticisms, information and all sorts of contributions coming from a professional, quality oriented audience.

Directório – Empresas