369 — C3 announces Apcentia Self Serve

Jul 15, 2002 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Order and pay for goods and services over the phone or Web using Apcentia Self Serve from C3

C3, a leading European supplier of Windows-based communications platforms, in July 15 announces Apcentia Self Serve, an on-line self-service credit card payment solution for customer service operations.

The product enables customers to access details of goods and services over the phone or Web by interacting with an automated self-service system (i.e. an interactive voice response system in the case of telephone callers) and to then order and pay for them immediately and securely, on-line, using their credit or Switch cards.

The Apcentia Self Serve system supports a wide range of applications including:
* Automated ordering and payment
* Balance enquiries
* Timetable information
* Subscriber information
* Delivery Information

and can be tailored to meet the needs of individual customer service operators.

Apcentia Self Serve incorporates the very latest technologies including: speech recognition, text-to-speech, database integration, SMS and on-line credit card authorisation – and is based on C3’s popular Apcentia communications and e-business platform.

Apcentia Self Serve is easy to set up and easy to administer and incorporates many new administrative features including:

* Permanent or random call recording
* Live supervisor monitoring
* Real Time and Historical reporting

Apcentia Self Serve will integrate with most modern telephone systems and databases. Customers can continue to benefit from existing technology investments and add further value to this by incorporating C3 technology.

‘With the average all round cost of a call centre agent rising to nearly £20,000 per year, call centres are naturally keen to handle as many calls of a mundane and repetitive nature as possible using automated call handling’ said John Wood, Sales and Marketing Manager at C3. ‘The addition of a fast and secure method of on-line payment can significantly speed up the Return on Investment for such an automated system because it can turn an overhead into a revenue generator’.