370 — C3 launches VoIP system for Contact Centres

Jul 15, 2002 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

The product will be available from September 2002C3

C3, a leading European supplier of Windows-based communications platforms, in July 12 announced a new Voice over IP (VoIP) system for customer service departments and outsourced call centre operators.

Using VoIP technology, C3 is able to provide a range of powerful applications for the customer service environment including:

* Call handling (for both circuit-switched and VoIP calls on the same platform)
* ‘Universal queuing’
* Intelligent routing to agents
* Outbound dialling
* Web collaboration services
* Interactive Voice Response
* Calling card services
* Voice, fax and email messaging
* Virtual call centre services
* Automated attendant applications
* Universal service access

The new contact centre system is based on C3’s industry-leading Apcentia communications platform.

Specific VoIP features include:

* Web collaboration: Web surfers can click on a ‘click-to-talk’ button on a Web site to speak to customer service or help desk agents. People can talk as they surf on a single phone line and contact centre agents can share information with customers by ‘pushing’ data to their PCs in real time or through interactive text chat. (Reducing e-shopping abandonment rates)

* Universal service access: Customers can access and retrieve information from a single database on a network using either Web-enabled PCs or phones – without having to speak to ‘live’ agents. (Improving customer service and reducing pressure on agents)

* Outbound dialling: Customer service agents can make fixed line quality outbound VoIP calls (reducing corporate phone bills).

* Virtual contact centre: Call centre agents can be set up at home or across different offices, receiving customer contacts across an IP connection (reducing costs, bringing specialists into the contact centre operation and improving efficiency)

‘The Apcentia VoIP platform can deliver traditional fixed line voice quality VoIP – even on a 28K dial-up Internet connection’ claims John Wood, Sales and Marketing Manager at C3. ‘It also makes accessing technically complex
services extremely simple for the user. One click of a mouse, for example, can activate an instant conversation between a customer and agent. Software is downloaded in seconds to Internet users’ PCs, enabling them to speak and surf the Net at the same time. Connections are secure, encrypted, work through firewalls – and free to on-line users’.


* 90% of on-line shoppers currently want some sort of human interaction according to Datamonitor – yet many are unable to get it because they only have a single phone line.

* The result is that 66% of e-shoppers abandon at the last minute say Forrester Research.


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