386 — German Media Company – Burda Direct registers extraordinary increases in agent productivity through D-ROI Program

Aug 6, 2002 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Further 10 leading companies join Altitude Software’s D-ROI program.

Altitude Software, a global technology leader in contact centre solutions for Unified Customer Interaction(tm) (uCI), has announced in 2 August that its pioneer D-ROI (Dynamic Return on Investment) program has delivered return on investment to 10 new customers in the last three months.

Encouraged by the early market acceptance of D-ROI, Altitude Software is now adding a “ROI Proof” phase and extending the program to Belgium; France, Netherlands and Spain (from an initial stage in the UK and Germany).

Altitude Software’s innovative initiative ensures that companies that engage in the program will have a clearly defined and proven return on investment when deploying Altitude uCI solutions. Companies such as Burda Direct, in Germany,achieved their return on investment in less than four months.

Burda Direct Increased Contact Centre Productivity with D-ROI

Burda Direct, the direct marketing service provider of Hubert Burda Media (one of the major publishing companies in Germany, managing over 6 million active magazine subscriptions), has deployed Altitude Software’s uCI platform. Working in partnership with Burda Ciscom, an application service provider for Burda companies and external customers, Altitude Software implemented a project with an emphasis on outbound predictive dialling capabilities and a specially developed application covering more than 100 different marketing campaigns.

The solution deployed in the outbound contact centre of Burda Direct generated agent productivity increases that ranged from 30% to 100%, depending on the marketing campaign being executed.

The Altitude uCI solution has also proved to be a cost-efficiency oriented tool that improves the overall productivity of a contact centre. Using its proven D-ROI methodology, Altitude Software assessed that Burda Direct was able to dramatically improve the efficiency of the contact centre for outbound interactions and deliver return on investment.

According to Mrs. Kathrin Stapel, Head of Department Telemarketing of Burda Direct “the Altitude Software product suite proved to be extremely well designed and a perfect fit to our business needs”. Altitude uCI was the solution for Burda Direct specific business needs because of its short implementation times, reduced cost per contact, increased performance, easy-to-customise scripts and proven ROI.

“Try & Buy” phase further commits Altitude Software to customer’s ROI Encouraged by D-ROI’s early market acceptance, Altitude Software is now integrating a “ROI Proof” phase into its program. The new phase will allow businesses to have a “try & buy” pilot project implemented on site, within the ROI estimation phase, in order to have proof of the estimated benefits prior to full deployment. Altitude Software will then commit to the estimated investment payback period and team with the client until ROI is achieved.

Altitude Software is also formally extending this initiative to Belgium; France; Netherlands and Spain. To implement the D-ROI program, Altitude Software is working with an extensive partner network in each market. In the last three months 10 new customers have benefited from the program, in a quarter where Altitude added 40 customers to a worldwide total of 570 customers (with 59.000 agent positions). Among the latest customers are corporations such as Atento; British Telecom; Sitel; Repsol; Eli Lilly and Shell South Africa.

In the current business environment, the demand for contact centres is primarily driven by customer-centric approaches and investments. João António Cardoso, Altitude Software’s Vice-President of Marketing and Strategy, explained “The D-ROI program represents Altitude Software’s commitment to customers, with a unique, proven methodology, designed to drive a sound return on investment when deploying a customer interaction management solution”.

By helping organisations to assess ROI, Altitude Software believes that they will acknowledge the Altitude uCI solution as an outstanding opportunity to create value. Altitude uCI is an out-of-the-box, platform and infrastructure independent solution with full blended support for all the channels required in a state-of-the-art contact center environment. Altitude uCI has an optimal combination of factors that allow minimum investment for maximum benefits.


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