399 — Future of CRM to be debated at ‘Technology for Marketing 2003’

Jan 10, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Industry experts from trade associations, consultancy and commercial suppliers will be debating the question “What’s the future of CRM?”, the core keynote sessions theme of ‘Technology for Marketing 2003’ taking place from 11-12 February 2003 at The National Hall, Olympia, in London.TMF logo

“Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been the buzz-word for customer facing activity in the last few years, and while the business value of customer retention and loyalty is without question, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly how customer relationship management will develop and progress in the coming months and years,” commented Kate Watts, Conference Manager for TFM 2003 .

Apart from ‘Technology for Marketing’ seminar, TFM 2003 will introduce this year two further workshop sessions: ‘Technology for Customer’ and ‘Technology for Sales’. Marketing automation, internet marketing, e-CRM, e-supply and call centres, and sales automation will be some of the issues focused on workshops.

Another new initiative this year will be ‘The Learning Zone’ holding 30 seminar sessions: “This year’s Learning Zone offers a unique, free seminar programme to all visitors who attend TMF 2003 . The programme has been designed for the marketing, customer service and sales communities to give them a practical understanding of how other organisations have used integrated information communication technologies to better understand, target, reach and interact with consumers.

“These sessions are strategically focused and the majority are case-study led. They have all been developed with the technical and non-technical user in mind. The audience will go away with an increased understanding on how integrated technologies are becoming a strategic imperative for all customer-facing professionals,” Ms. Watts added.

Last year’s TMF , held at Wembley, London, registered 3,882 attendees, an increase of 17% over 2001.

Filipe Samora

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