409 — New IT management degree announced in UK

Jan 15, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

The Information Systems Examinations Board (ISEB) of the British Computer Society (BCS) has announced the availability of the new mid-level independent qualification in IT Service Management for professionals.ISEB logo

The Practitioner Certificate will offer existing IT Service Management ISEB Certificate holders and others professionals a range of IT Service Management disciplines as specialisations. It will include areas such as Change Management, Service Level Management, Service Desk/Incident Management and Problem Management.

According to Steve Causer, Product Manager at BCS, degree applicants must meet three pre-requisites: first, attendance of an ISEB acknowledged training degree, Second, demonstration of at least one year experience in an IT service management environment. Third, to hold an ISEB Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management.

“This new qualification gives managers the confidence that their employees will be able to carry out Service Management best practice, helping to increase effectiveness and reduce cost,” says Maggie Kneller, chair of the ISEB IT Service Management board.

“As the control of Service Management procedures are important to business growth, being able to specialise in particular disciplines allows detailed understanding of that area, how it fits with all the others and provides the opportunity for practitioners to take the qualification that is suitable to them and their career,” Ms. Kneller added.

Source: Service Management UK