420 — SAP appoints José Duarte to chair SOUTH EMEA region

Jan 22, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

SAP AG, a provider of e-business solutions, appointed the Portuguese José Duarte, 35, to chair its South Europe, Middle East and Africa sub-region (SEMEA), in the ambit of the restructuring within the EMEA division. Mr. Duarte will be heading an organisation employing over 1,000 staff.Mr. José Duarte

This rearrangement within SAP’s EMEA region aims at providing local structures assuring a better response to customers’ needs, irrespective of business size, and focusing on the different geographic variables. The SEMEA sub-region comprises countries like Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece , Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and other Middle East countries.

Mr. Duarte, who since 2000 was managing director of SAP Spain, has started his international career some years ago. From Jan. to Jun. 2000 was both executive vice-president for marketing, and deputy managing director for sales at SAP’s South West Europe region (Benelux, France, Spain and Portugal) headquartered in Paris.SAP logo

José Duarte belongs to the founding board staff that, in 1993, opened the first SAP offices in Lisbon. He was also responsible for the split of SAP España y Portugal, leading to the creation of SAP Portugal as an autonomous subsidiary in 1998.

For 2003, Mr. Duarte aims at “increasing the region in terms of business turnover as well as consolidating and reinforcing customers’ satisfaction levels.”

SAP AG has decided to halve EMEA region into EMEA CENTRAL, from now on chaired by Michael Kleinemeier (including Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands) and EMEA NEWS (North, East, West and South), presided by Enrico Negroni, encompassing the remaining Central and Eastern European sub-regions, South Europe (SEMEA) , France, UK, Ireland and Scandinavian countries.


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