448 — Eyretel announces shipment of ‘Contact Viewer 7.0’

Jan 31, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Eyretel, a provider of voice and data recording, quality monitoring and analysis systems for the optimisation of contact centres, has announced that it had begun worldwide customer shipments of its web-based replay application Contact Viewer Release 7.0.

With Contact Viewer, authorised users in contact centres, on trading floors or in public safety command and control centres, can search for and replay recorded customer interactions, via secure intranet or extranet links, using a web browser on their PC, personal digital assistant (PDA) or Internet phone. Contact Viewer may be used to replay synchronised recordings of both the voice conversation and the agent’s computer screens.

Customers may use it with both Eyretel‘s current ‘MediaStore’ and next generation ‘Contact Store’ customer interaction recording systems, in both traditional and IP telephony environments.

“As a web-based application, Contact Viewer eliminates the complexities and expense of specialised client side software, allowing for easy deployment and support. However, the full business value of Contact Viewer comes when the right people – product managers, field service technicians, product trouble-shooters and others – are given secure direct web-based access to the valuable nuggets of information held within your stores of recorded interactions,” said John Bourne, Eyretel‘s executive vice-president.

Product managers and engineers can hear exactly what customers had to say about the latest product release, simply by using Contact Viewer from their desk top browser. Similarly, field technicians could call in from their service vehicles and listen to the customer’s actual service call, before they arrived, using their future 3G mobile phone or PDA.

Contact Viewer also allows Eyretel customers to extend access to recordings beyond the boundaries of their organisation. For example, companies that provide outsourced contact centre services can use Contact Viewer to allow their customers to listen-in to the progress of a campaign whenever they want, through secure web access.