449 — France Télécom R&D brings TTS solution to market

Jan 31, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

France Télécom‘s research unit (FT) has begun marketing a new speech synthesis technology that converts any text or message to natural-sounding speech. This full-fledged commercial solution is primarily aimed at providers of interactive voice platforms and telecom operators seeking to enrich their service offering.

“Our new speech synthesis solution converts text to a voice timber that is extremely close to natural speech. This is a significant advance that brings customers immediate benefits. What’s more, the distribution model we’ve set up makes future technological enhancements developed in our labs immediately available to the market. This includes multilingual speech conversion, for instance,” explained FT’s research engineer Edouard Hinard.

FT R&D applications offer solutions for fixed or wireless telephone services, including delivery of online information, speech conversion of email or SMS messages, access to corporate directories and personal diaries, catalogue sales, weather bulletins, management of stock portfolios and telephone directory information.

To ensure broad marketing of this solution, FT R&D has established a partnership with Atos Origin enabling France Télécom researchers to focus on ongoing software enhancements, such as the development of new voices and new languages, while selling the product in turnkey license packages.