554 — Chronopost International chooses Elan Sayso to speech enable new voice portal

Mar 10, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Chronopost International, a European provider of express transport and delivery reinforced its customer information services using Elan Sayso TTS solution. Chronopost International’s Voice portal offers a range of services allowing its customers to track and follow the itinerary of the some 200,000 packages and documents that Chronopost International ship each day in 220 different countries. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By banking on speech technologies instead of pre-recorded speech and touchtone (DTMF) and by creating a gateway between the website content and the voice portal, Chronopost International “has considerably enhanced their customer information service”.

Since January this year, Chronopost International has been investing on their web tracking service that they are now able to offer to their customers over the telephone with a fully voice-enabled interface. “Including integration and testing, the investment was quite reasonable and took no more than 100 man-days. As a result, we have a strong value-added service for our customers,” a spokesman said.

The first version of the automatic package tracking telephone service had required a large investment in time and was amortised in 6 months. This time, Chronopost International expects Return On Investment to be even shorter.

Chronopost International chose the Elan Sayso TTS “for its capability to convey any written information in a particularly natural and intelligible voice. The choice of using Elan Sayso as the unique voice through all the voice messages and information allows optimised speech quality and comfort. The user no longer suffers from break offs between pre-recorded messages and messages read in real time by text to speech. Access to information is of high quality and fluidity, for an improved image of the service,” the spokesman added.

Chronopost International currently has 200 agencies in 13 countries. With a turnover of 689 million euros in 2001, the group carried in the same year over 65 million envelopes and packages.