556 — IKEA chooses IEX TotalView workforce management for UK Contact Centres

Mar 11, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Quality Plus Callscan, a supplier of performance workforce and e-learning management for contact centres, announced that IEX TotalView has been selected by IKEA as the workforce management system for 250 agents within their Stockport, Dearne Valley and Peterborough contact centres.

Andrew Walne at IKEA explained “We did an extensive comparison between four workforce management tools and we selected IEX TotalView over the competition because it has a clear presentation, is easy to use and offers extensive functionality including multi-skill, multi-site forecasting and historical adherence. We were extremely impressed by Quality Plus Callscan and, in particular, their professional services proposition as we felt that they could assist us in the implementation of best practice across our contact centres”.

Phil Smith, CEO of Quality Plus Callscan also commented “Creating process efficiency and passing on those savings to the consumer is a core part of IKEA‘s philosophy. IEX TotalView Workforce Management, with its proven ability to manage multiple sites effectively, was the clear choice to improve IKEA ’s overall scheduling process and contribute to the business efficiency needed to deliver this”.

IEX TotalView has recently gained the Market Engineering Award for pre-eminence within the Workforce Management market from research analysts Frost & Sullivan.


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