592 — Voice Enabled Services – 19-21 May, Lisbon, Portugal

Apr 2, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Speech recognition technologies and voice-enabled services have been thriving despite the slump in the telecoms and IT industry. Reflecting this industry’s vitality and aimed enabling participants to realise the opportunities and challenges underlying voice-enabled services, IIR will host a dedicated event to run from 19-21 May at the Marriott Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal. VoiceXML Italian User Group will also host a post-conference workshop to debate the future of VXML.

Programme’s highlights:

Day One, Monday 19 May 2003

9.40 – “Determining The Revenue Potential And Market Demand For Voice Enabled Services”, Sara Radicati, The Radicati Group

10.20 – “Building The Business Case For Voice Enabled Services And Calculating Timeframes For Achieving ROI”, Scott Garlick, ScanSoft

11.30 – “Assessing The Market Potential Of Offering Hosted Voice Enabled Services”, Benjamin Farmer, Datamonitor

12.00 – “Developing And Deploying Speech Applications To Facilitate Voice Enabled Services”, Massimiliano Ferrero, Loquendo

14.00 – “Provisioning And Deploying Speech Recognition Technologies To Enhance The Profitability Of Your Service Offering”, Thomas Scheerbarth, TSystems Nova

14.40 – “Measuring The Impact Of GPRS On Cell Planning, And The Consequent Impact On Network Performance”, Dave Gooding, Cable & Wireless

15.40 – “Facilitating Customer Self Service Via Interactive Voice Recognition Platforms To Enhance Customer Loyalty & Satisfaction”, Eric Jackson, VoiceGenie Technologies

16.20 – “Building An Accurate Interference Model To Improve Network Performance For Data Traffic”, Guntbert Markefka, T-Mobile

Day Two – Tuesday 20th May 2003

9.40 – “Identifying The Key Features Of Voice Enabled Service Platforms For Carriers And Enterprises”, William Tall, VoxSurf

10.20 – “Capitalising On The Convergence Of Customer Facing And Corporate Management Systems On A Single Carrier Voice Platform”, Claude Florin, Hewlett-Packard

12.00 – “Developing Interactive Voice Portals And Personal Assistants To Improve Unified Messaging And Communications”, Nuno Beires, Portugal, Telecom Inovação

14.00 – “Using Speech Mining Technology To Learn About Your Business And Your Customer Interactions”, Allen Gorin, AT&T Research

14.40 – “Optimising Voice User Interface Design”, Paul Welham, Marketing Director Telephonetics

15.40 – “Voice Enabling WAP & SMS To Provide Web Services To Mobile Customers”, George Clelland, IBM Software Group

16.20 – “Identifying The Challenges And Opportunities For Integrating Embedded Speech Solutions Into Mobile Devices”, David Rees, Canon Research Centre

17.00 – Case-Study: “Examining the Success of  Citimatic: Citizen Automated Voice Services Within Citizen Communication Centres”, Manuel Melo and Filipe Samora, Europe Contact Center   

Day Three – Wednesday 21st May 2003

9.40 – “Capitalising On The Commercial Opportunities Of Voice Portals For The Retail And Travel Industries”, Dominic Cameron, Lastminute.com

10.20 – “Ladbrokes Case Study: Deploying Speech Activated Solutions’, Jim Falconer, Ladbrokes

11.20 – “Customising Speech Applications for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses, Michael X. Zirngibl President”, Angel.com

12.00 – “Mobitel Case Study: Examining Mobitel’s Deployment Of Voice Enabled Services And Determining Why These Services Have Proved So Successful”, Ales Smokvina and Matej Cerne, Mobitel

14.00 – “thetrainline Case Study: Deploying An ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) Solution”, Bill Hopkins, thetrainline

14.40 – “Creating New Sources Of Revenue For Mobile Operators Through The Introduction Of Interactive Voice Services”, Richard Groome Manager EMEA HeyAnita

15.40 – “Comparing The VoiceXML And SALT (Speech Applications Language Tag) Standards And Determining Their Role In The Future Of Voice Enabled Services”, Scott McGlashan CTO & Co-Founder, Pipebeach & Chairman, VoiceXML Committee W3C Voice Browser Group

16.20 – “Operator Case Study: Deploying VoiceXML To Deliver Voice Enabled Services”, Robert Finan VoiceXML Platform Manager Mobilkom Austria

Filipe Samora


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