605 — Northern Rock underpins new contact centre with BT

Apr 15, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Northern Rock has selected BT Business Information Systems (BIS) in a 1,5 million euros contract to supply, implement and maintain a new contact centre. The new contact centre system is required to integrate seamlessly into the existing telephony network, while providing a feature rich platform and call centre functionality. It is to be located at Northern Rock’s new office in Newcastle.

Northern Rock chose to adopt BT BIS’ proposed solution, a Nortel Meridian system, incorporating Meridian Mail and the Symposium Call Centre server. The call centre will support 600 seats initially, with the ability to expand to 1,000 agents.

Mike Farnham, BT client director for BT Finance Industry Solutions commented : “We are delighted that Northern Rock has selected BT as the supplier for its new contact centre. We are keen to help Northern Rock develop its customer contact infrastructure by supplying additional products and services.”

The Symposium Call Centre provides a call centre functionality for up to 1,500 agents. Its applications include agent skillset-based call processing and agent handling, management, reporting, and third-party application interfaces. Customers can be routed to agents or teams with specific skills, depending on the condition of the call centre when the call is presented, for example, the number dialled, the time of the call, the choices customers made when presented with options.

Standard reports on call centre activity, traffic fluctuations, agent performance and work characteristics can all be customised to specific requirements, and information from all call centres in a network, as well as any relevant computer databases, can be integrated.

“By implementing the proposal submitted by BT BIS, a feature rich resilient solution was installed. BIS’ expertise assisted Northern Rock in producing a seamless integration into the existing infrastructure, which resulted in the project being completed on schedule and within budget,” John Taylor, assistant director of IT, Northern Rock said.

Northern Rock is one of the UK bank , providing services from its national network of 76 branches.