638 — Aspect and Performix confirm platform integration

May 16, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Aspect Communications, a provider of enterprise customer contact solutions, and Performix Technologies, a performance management solutions company, announced the integration of Performix Technologies’ Emvolve Performance Manager and the Aspect Customer DataMart. The combined solution lets businesses identify areas for improvement in the daily performance of each employee and sustain ongoing improvement through appraisals, development plans and reward and recognition programmes.

The Aspect and Performix solution integrates a wide range of contact centre data with an enterprise performance management application to let companies provide quick and continuous feedback. The Aspect Customer DataMart is a standards-based solution that is maintained and supported by a contact centre leader and is designed to enable applications like Performix‘s high-end Emvolve to quickly access a wide range of data on demand.

“Contact centres using the joint solution will be able to drive performance from the bottom up and focus all employees on what needs to be done to hit business targets,” said Cathal McGloin, chief executive officer of Performix Technologies. “That is a tremendous challenge when you consider that many contact centres have hundreds to thousands of employees who are geographically dispersed.”

The Aspect and Performix integration enables a new approach to improving the performance of contact centres and their staff. Aspect Customer DataMart consolidates performance data from numerous applications operating in
single- or multiple-site contact centres using multiple communications channels.

Performix Technologies’ Emvolve Performance Manager matches the data to service representatives’ goals, which have been aligned with business objectives, and provides continuous feedback on performance to all employees across the contact centre. This drives employee performance and productivity, which results in improved business results.

The Radclyffe Group , a customer interaction engineering firm, surveyed 400 contact centre employees at 16 different companies for its report, “The true face of business: how employee satisfaction and contact center culture impact the bottom line.”

The study found employees are eager to deliver quality service but often lack timely information on how well they are doing. According to the study, only 46 percent of contact centre employees are kept up-to-date with information about their performance and its impact on customer satisfaction.

“The contact centre is a source of tremendous information that can be used to point a business in the right direction. The key is to bring it all together for an enterprise view and then break it down and act on it for profitability. Through this alliance, Aspect and Performix Technologies are offering the means of accomplishing this in a manageable, systematic and objective way,” said Simon Lonsdale, Aspect’s vice president of technology alliances.

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