644 — Europe Contact Center launches CITIMATIC – Citizen Automatic Communication

May 20, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Changing the traditional approach of CRM into Citizen Relationship Management, of e-Government into “GoVoicement”, while integrating data, information, knowledge, media, and services for the citizen. Conceived as a paradigm of communication with the citizen, the main pillars of the CITIMATIC taskforce were introduced to a European audience at Voice Enabled Services, an event organised by IIR running until 22nd of May in Lisbon.

Having its roots at CeBIT 2002, the CITIMATIC taskforce will focus on the Portuguese and Spanish communities, making the bridge with Europe as a whole and Latin America. In the words of Manuel Melo, Europe Contact Center’s Managing Director , “CITIMATIC is not a service packed solution or technology but a vision and a concept, a paradigm, a methodology and a communication process”.

“A common mistake when citizen’s issues are dealt with is putting the internet on top. This is wrong, as the most interactive mean of communication is still the telephone. People want voice commands, prefer unified communication enabled by voice and pay the price for it. A voice portal taking into account this need for interactivity and integration is the interface of this taskforce,” added Manuel Melo.

CITIMATIC’s backbone is made of a VoxRobot, SMS Robot and an Email Server (all of them .Net and XML compliant), backed by an ACD and a citizen database. This structure can be integrated with third party applications and deployed in public premises like tribunals, schools, city halls and campuses.

This taskforce already includes partners like Altitude, Teleperformance, Siemens, Damovo, Genesys and Xerox for the Portuguese market, but, according to Mr Melo , it is open to “all European companies that share the same vision: communication with the citizen”.

According to Datamonitor, public sector will be one of the fast growing verticals between 2002 and 2007 in terms of contact center’s agent positions to be created in the EMEA.


To know more details about this project, please contact Manuel Melo at [email protected]

The presentation made at Voice Enabled Services will be available here soon

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