694 — ‘How to create an area of work to feel good in – and be successful by doing so’. The opinion of Mareike Fromme, managing director of TelactivSeminare (Germany).

Jun 23, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Your field of working comprises working with the phone? Good. You take part in special trainings in order to become better in speaking to your clients in the best possible way? Excellent! What do you do exactly for the arrangement of your personal working area? Asking that, I use to “harvest” in most cases the great silence. But just see for yourself, how important it is to work in a pleasant environment if you want to be successful!

Please imagine that you’re invited to a TV test shooting. You’re probably slightly nervous and anxious to the things bound to happen. But the room is chilly and you’re shivering a bit. The chair isn’t too comfortable and your neck is getting stiff already, because the window behind you is tilted and the wind is wheezing in. Now the production manager appears and explains your role.

You’re supposed to advertise for a sunny country of a summer holiday. You dare give a brave smile and begin to say your text. Think about this situation: How is the advertising effectiveness in regard to sun, summer, vacation when reaching the viewer? Not too great! It’s in great parts up to you how you lay out your area around the phone in order to feel well and arouse pleasant feeling in yourself! If you succeed, you’ll of course be able to transfer those good feelings towards your clients.

Therefore: Arrange your surroundings as pleasant as you can! Please answer the following questions and consider where remedy is possible and where certain conditions inhibit that remedy:

· ¨How is the room looking where you’re starting your work? Is it grumpy, do you have an opportunity to let air in, or would the noise of the street then be too loud?

· ¨Do you have your files ready to reach at or do you have to move hand over hand along a rope across the room in order to reach them?

· ¨What do we find at the walls? Is it pictures the lad who used to be in your place left behind? Or rather your very personal pictures, reminding you at something positive?

· ¨Are there flowers in the room or appealing accessories helping you into a good mood?

(Never worry that this might end up in converting your office into a living room! I just wanted to point out some conveniences which are so natural, that they are almost overlooked.)

· ¨How does your back comment to your planned phoning? Is sitting for a long time – and you’re going to sit a few hours – molesting you? Or could you imagine to do your phoning in a standing position, at least every now and then?

The participants of my seminaries frequently ask for not having to sit all the time. Indeed, speaking while standing is different; the respiratory column is in a position to allow for easier breathing. And in regard to body language: You can move your arms and legs as you like.

So, do your next phone call standing. But doing so, think about the availability of your utensils. Otherwise the receiver might drop out of your hand because you were rummaging and bending. A desperate “Hello?” is all you will get for sure.

· ¨Do you initiate your colleagues into your plans and be therefore relatively undisturbed or are you molested incessantly during your action on the phone by somebody asking something really quickly: “I’ll be gone in a minute!”

Gone they’ll be – your thoughts which should be concentrated on your work. Perhaps your thoughts will be with the colleagues` questions. That need not be too unpleasant. (Because it delivers a reason not to do phone calls; not right now nor to this particular theme. And as a matter of fact: Who isn’t sometimes tempted to neglect his responsibility a bit?).

When I’m doing coaching at working places, I ask everybody not to enter the room unless there is a fire or some participant’s dog has an attack of loneliness. Put a poster “Please don’t disturb!” at your door (e.g. one with a wrathfully looking dinosaur! Be sure, this humorous request works. And nobody bears a grudge against you if asked this way to stay outside).

By the dinosaur! For every participant of my seminaries I print out a fat and funny dino, green and yellow, a poster in his paws: “Please don’t disturb!” You’re laughing? Rightly so! This is the intended reaction. By laughing everybody sees what is dropped by a broad hint – and goes his or her way without interfering the phoning – and that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

A look at incentives: where would you preferingly let your eyes rest: On a decrepit tabletop in your office or a plate with sweets, fruits and other delicacies which you’re going to enjoy right after your work? Everything is allowed unless exaggerated to a menu with several dishes. But please: After, never during phone calls!

The same applies to chewing gum, cigarettes and the like. Your clients want to understand what you’re saying and not have to guess what you’re offering. Mind your trousers! Do you belong to those who have to put their trousers out while laying down, because they are so awfully tight? Or would you rather prefer to sit in comfortable clothing while phoning?

Believe me: Phoning is easier if you’re not squeezed by some piece of clothing while bending to reach at a file and if you don’t have to grasp for breath doing so.

And finally: put a picture of your loved ones to the place where this statistics used to be. So, there is plenty to do. Please ask your boss in advance if you’re not sure. But usually I see a lot of freedom granted to be used responsibly and effectively – also by you. Let one thing be made clear: A certain amount of persistence however is needed by everybody in order to achieve any self-imposed aim.

Remember: “What successful people have in common is perseverance.” (Napoleon Hill).

Mareike Fromme
[email protected]

Telactivseminare is acting in all fields concerning training and motivating people who have to work with the phone. Our activities aim both at outbound and inbound.

Mrs. Fromme looks back on 20 years of professional experience in training people. During her 12 years work at an important international insurance company she trained colleagues: outbound, inbound and executives of both. In this ways she acquired a broad know-how, deepened by experiences and contacts in other areas of business.

She is now leading Telactivseminare and flexibly offers individually composed inhouse-seminaries and open seminaries for outbound and inbound activities.

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