738 — VoiceObjects launches VoiceObjects Factory 2.0

Jul 11, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

VoiceObjects, a German provider of Voice Application Management Systems (VAMS), today announced the availability of Version 2.0 of its VoiceObjects Factory software framework. The new release offers a variety of enhanced features for the design and creation of voice applications as well as their operation and administration. Along with a newly designed graphical development interface, VoiceObjects Factory 2.0 contains new tools for monitoring, analysing and optimising dialogs and features improved management services for large installations in the carrier environment.

“Our new version improves the quality and utility of voice applications for enterprise, telco, and government deployments. Maintenance, service, and lifecycle management functions are all greatly enhanced in VoiceObjects Factory 2.0,” explained Karl-Heinz Land, CEO of VoiceObjects AG.

This application aims at personalising voice applications in similar way to that of web portals. The voice user interface adapts to suit the individual caller and, depending on the level of experience already gained, the user can be led and supported by the system at a level that best fits him. A selection of differing personalities is also possible as virtual contact persons: an elderly caller can “speak” with someone serious whereas a younger caller might prefer a “chat” with a young, informal person.

In addition, the use of what are known as “random prompts”, which are spontaneous and variable dialog elements, aims at conveying the impression to the user that he is in touch with a “human and intelligent” dialog partner preventing monotony and boredom.

A graphical tracing and debugging tool enables designers and developers to investigate and eliminate problems with the voice application. In addition, VoiceObjects Factory 2.0 opens up new possibilities of analysing dialogs and, where necessary, initiating optimisation measures.


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