796 — PEIKER selects ScanSoft speech recognition engine for Bluetooth hands-free car kit

Aug 29, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

ScanSoft announced that its VoCon SF embedded speech recognition engine had been selected by PEIKER as the foundation of its Bluetooth voice-activated system for Chrysler Group’s UConnect telematics module. The in-car, hands-free system does not require the driver to interact with a display, providing motorists with an alternative way to use their mobile phones. Interface and echo suppression software has been integrated into the system to enable hands-free use at speeds of over 200km per hour.

“During development, a particularly high priority was given to the safety and comfort of the driver. ScanSoft’s VoCon engine enables users to interact with the PEIKER system solely through the use of speech, without having to operate it by hand or read information from it, leading to increased safety,” said Reinhard Kromer, executive vice-president Telematics of PEIKER acustic.

The PEIKER Bluetooth voice-activated system allows motorists to use voice commands to control menu operations and select phone numbers. Motorists can receive calls, make calls using continuous voice dialling and adjust the volume of the hidden speaker.

ScanSoft’s VoCon SF speech engine supports over sixteen different languages allowing PEIKER to offer its hands-free system with support for German, Dutch, French, UK English, US English, Canadian French, Spanish and Mexican Spanish.

The PEIKER system connects to a motorist’s individual Bluetooth-enabled cell phone in the car. To make a call, the motorist simply leaves the mobile phone in his or her briefcase, purse, or pocket and pushes a remote control button in the car that then connects the cell phone to the microphone.

It is possible to mute the radio during active telephone calls. A microphone and a remote control are the only parts of the Bluetooth hands-free system visible to the motorist.

The motorist then states the name or number of the person he or she wants to call. Using speech recognition, the system understands the request, confirms the phone number, and then dials it. The phone number appears on the radio’s display as it is being dialled. Up to five mobile phones can be registered with an individual system, which works with all Bluetooth compatible mobile phones with hands-free profile support.

The system can also store up to thirty-two names and four phone numbers per name, allowing individual users sharing an automobile to access personalized settings and address books.

This car-kit was initially developed for the dealer-installed version of the Chrysler Group’s UConnect telematics module, and is now also available for other vehicles through an OEM installation, or off-the-shelf to consumers.


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