801 — Babel announces availability of Brightspeech Studio

Sep 1, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Babel Technologies announced the availability of BrightSpeech Studio, Babel’s first prompt generation tool. The TTS solution is currently Windows-based and offers facilities for software development companies wishing to create audio prompts with synthetic speech for their products or services. BrightSpeech Studio can be used to enter text, listen to the speech output and convert this output into a speech file.

The multi-lingual “studio” speech programme enables developers to test and refine their speech prompts before converting them to speech files, and offers an alternative to replace recorded prompts. The tool is also available with all eighteen languages supported by Babil, another Babel Text-to-Speech product.

“Using technology like BrightSpeech Studio is a key driver behind the development of the speech market. As this market is growing, developers are looking for more convenient, cost effective tools that enable them to implement high quality voice technology. BrightSpeech Studio produces a clear, human-sounding voice, offering an easy to implement and qualitative alternative to recorded speech,” Vincent Fontaine, CEO of Babel Technologies said.

BrightSpeech Studio incorporates a range of new features including: Parameter Setting, Profile saving for user defined voices, and .wav form statistics. It also supports both orthographic and phonetic annotation and speech control tags; output formats allowed are: raw, .wav and au; audio codings supported are: PCM16, PCM8, µ-law, A-law and ADPCM.

User dictionaries can also be edited; pronunciation can be entered as phonetic or orthographic text. Through BrightSpeech Studio’s graphical user interface, developers can control and test various speech parameter settings. Once users are happy with the prompt they have created with respect to parameters such as speech rate and volume, they can use BrightSpeech ’s console application to create audio files and also to convert text-to-speech files off-line.

The licensing of BrightSpeech Studio utilises a new dongle-based licensing model. Every time a user exports a prompt to a speech file, the new License Manager checks and updates either the number of prompts that remain to be used, or the time left that is available to the user. BrightSpeech Studio uses the Microsoft Sound System and runs on Windows 98 SE, NT4.0 (SP 6), 2000 and XP. The languages it currently supports are Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Swedish and US English, as well as all those supported by Babil, and specific languages can be developed on demand.