813 — SynTelate to demonstrate WebAgent at Call Centre Expo

Sep 10, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

SynTelate has selected Call Centre Expo to publicly demonstrate the latest version of its desktop customisation and scripting tool synTelate. SynTelate WebAgent provides a browser-based deployment of the agent desktop. This is based upon the latest .NET technology. SynTelate WebAgent utilises the same screen and script designer as the standard synTelate product. This allows call centre managers to decide how agents are deployed. SynTelate WebAgent has been designed with the capability to co-exist with the standard version of synTelate so that it is possible to have mix of standard synTelate agents and WebAgents.

“We are excited about the opportunity to demonstrate the synTelate WebAgent at Call Centre Expo. The WebAgent and our commitment to its positioning alongside the standard synTelate Agent, both of which utilise the same synTelate Designer, provides considerable flexibility to those running call centres. Irrespective of the telephony technology and agent location implemented today or tomorrow, synTelate can provide the agent desktop,” Kevin Clark, CEO Initiative Software commented:

During the show, Amicus Outsourcing will provide a real time demonstration of a virtual call centre using the latest available IP telephony. The demonstration will feature the synTelate desktop customisation and scripting product fronting Amicus’ Jarrow based Avaya telephony systems. The CC Expo based call centre agent will be connected to the Jarrow call centre via a standard broadband connection.