853 — Elan Speech Unveils New Elan Sayso Voice

Oct 1, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Elan Speech, a Text To Speech provider, unveils its latest Elan Sayso voice, Aaron, and enlarges its linguistic coverage with the Italian version of Elan Sayso. Aaron is the latest Elan Speech male voice accompanying the existing female voice for American English. According to its plans to develop a high-end multilingual technology offer, Elan Speech adds a fifth language to Elan Sayso‘s portfolio, already launched in French, US English, German and Spanish.

Elan Sayso was developed by Elan Speech for high-end applications and services such as unified messaging, email reading, voice portals, e-marketing, public address in railway stations and airports, CRM, virtual agents and speakers, navigation aid and traffic information, etc.

Made possible by Elan Sayso technology, SpeechBrand is a characteristic voice persona used to identify a unique brand or company. A telecom operator or a car manufacturer can speech-enable their services with their own, exclusive tone. With Elan Sayso new voice and new language, Elan Speech aims to play an active role in voice-enabled services and interfaces and establish its presence on the US and the Italian market.