873 — Wicom provides Fujitsu services with a VoIP solution for 1.700 seats

Oct 7, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Wicom Communications, a Finnish provider of IP contact centre and enterprise communications software, and Fujitsu Services, announced the most extensive VoIP deployment yet in the Finnish market. When deployed in full, a total of 1,700 Fujitsu employees will have replaced their old desktop phones with an IP based solution. With the new IP based corporate telephony and contact centre solution built using Wicom CSS software, Fujitsu abandons traditional PBX systems. Approximately 1,400 of the company’s staff in 14 offices already use a personalized IP phone.

For most users the IP phone is available as a graphical user interface operated using a regular web browser on any laptop or desktop PC connected to the corporate IP network, and a lightweight, ergonomic hands-free headset. According to Fujitsu Services, few users opted for a more traditional-like hardware IP phone.

Fujitsu expects its total telephony expenditure to decrease compared to using a traditional PBX system. Calls within the corporate IP network are free of charge, and employees moving premises do not require bringing in telephone fitters – the VoIP phone moves automatically with its user. New premises only require a single IP network to accommodate both data and voice traffic.

Standard features include integrated voicemail service accessible using either a PC or a cell phone, a complete history listing of inbound, outbound and unanswered calls, as well as call redirecting and teleconferencing. The IP phone is fully in use regardless of location, provided a broadband network is available.

Wicom VoIP solutions are based on Wicom CSS (Communications Server Suite), an open all-IP communications server architecture for unified queuing, prioritising, and routing for all contacts.