889 — Avaya invests over 3% of channel revenues in EMEA business partner programme

Oct 28, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Avaya reinforced its commitment to the channel at its Avaya Forum in Barcelona for around 400 customers and business partners. Building on existing success, Avaya announced the evolution of its enhanced Business Partner Programme. The programme will strengthen and drive Avaya’s business partners to develop applications and services with which to build further the market for convergence.

The enhanced business partner programme can be viewed and managed from the new Avaya Certification Calculator which depicts a business partner’s certification status on a single page of the company’s Business Partner Portal.

The Calculator determines the number of ‘points’ a business partner has accrued across different areas from sales, product authorisation and customer service. Also, points can be accrued across the new areas of marketing support, customer satisfaction and professional certification.

Greater accumulation of points allows business partners to achieve higher certification bringing benefits such as increased funding from Avaya. To ensure a breadth and balance of skills development, no more than 35 percent of certification allocation may come from one area.