906 — Telekom Austria partners for DVB-T pilot project

Nov 3, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Telekom Austria signs today a contract for implementation of a pilot project for digital terrestrial television (DVB-T) together with the Austrian Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Broadcasting (RTR-GmbH), Siemens AG Austria and the Austrian Broadcasting Company. Telekom Austria provides transmission of the broadcasting signals with its network infrastructure and guarantees the interactivity of the new medium through the connection of the set-top boxes.

“The gap between the sections of society that have an affinity for IT and Internet and the group that has no understanding for new media is growing increasingly. Digital television with its interactive elements and the possibility to communicate with others via e-mail or chat rooms can play a considerable role in closing this gap,” commented Heinz Sundt, CEO of Telekom Austria.

ORF1, ORF 2 and Channel 4 will be broadcasted, and can then be received by DVB-T as well as via ADSL. Telekom Austria makes transmission of the signals possible by incorporating existing technologies.

Feedback channel via telephone line or via ADSL interaction, digital television’s innovative element par excellence, is guaranteed via a feedback channel. The feedback channel itself is enabled via a traditional telephone access line or an ADSL broadband access line from Telekom Austria.

The set-top box receives the digital signals and is also able to send signals back to the platform. The set-top box thus makes it possible for the customer to design their own programme, whether participating in a quiz show or simply ordering a video film (video on demand). Digital television also enables communication with third parties: for instance, e-mails can be sent, banking business transacted via the platform.

In addition to this project in Graz Telekom Austria has already had experience in the area of interactive television with the launch of Aon.tv. Aon.tv is multimedia internet television, which besides movies and music videos also broadcasts different ORF programmes.

Filipe Samora

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