946 — Speech Recognition attracts four more majors to Lloyds TSB Share registration platform

Nov 19, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Four more UK plcs have signed up to Lloyds TSB Registrars’ telephone speech recognition share service, developed by SRC, to streamline administration and improve customer service to more than 220,000 employees. National Grid Transco is the latest company to sign up to use the system, while Marks & Spencer, GUS and Aviva are already using it after Lloyds TSB contracted SRC to deploy and maintain the telephony speech service in February.

The SRC speech service developed for Lloyds TSB Registrars and its clients can handle three types of employee share plans; free shares, partnership shares and SAYE (save as you earn), asking callers for a unique reference number, surname and national insurance details, before providing them with other options – such as how much they would like to invest or how they would like to receive their dividends, depending on the particular rules of the share plan.

A grammar of thousands of words was developed by SRC to support the speech system, which took two-and-a-half months to complete. Hosted remotely on SRC’s carrier-grade ISE (Intelligent Speech Environment) platform, the service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.