956 — Natural language SMS service launched

Nov 25, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Dejima has launched a SMS ‘keyword free’ directory service for Orange France customers. The new service, called 2 12 12, is powered by the Dejima Direct Mobile Messaging platform, and enables Orange France customers to use their own words and language to access more than 150 directory service categories, ranging from auto repair shops to restaurants. An Orange subscriber interested in purchasing flowers can send an SMS message from their mobile phone through the Orange network and phrase the request however they want. The request can range from ‘any florists near here,’ to ‘flwr shop’ to ‘buy flowers.’

“Providing easy access to useful directory information enables our customers to be highly productive no matter where they are in France,” said Pascal Thomas, marketing director, Orange France. “ Improving the usability of our service is a key priority for Orange France and our early trials indicate that customers who adopt free form and intuitive interaction have a more pleasant, more frequent and more valuable experience with our service.”

Once an Orange subscriber sends their request via SMS, the Orange network automatically determines the subscriber’s location. This information is then coupled with Dejima Direct ‘s technology: an interpretation of the person’s intent is made and any ambiguity that exists is resolved.

The subscriber request is then delivered as a structured query to a database containing a list of vendors. In a matter of seconds, the Orange subscriber receives an SMS response containing the vendor or vendors in the requested category nearest to their location.

“By penetrating the mass market beyond the youth segment and driving new common language text messaging applications, usage of SMS is expected to double by 2005,” said Alastair Brydon, CEO of the consultancy and research organisation SoundPartners. “There is still enormous growth potential in basic text messaging services and I am thrilled to see Orange and Dejima partnering to extend the ways in which SMS services can be more useful to consumers.”

Orange France has deployed the Dejima Direct Mobile Messaging platform on its network, enabling Orange France‘s subscribers to access directory listings in their area using their own natural words including abbreviations, colloquiums, slang or ‘SMS speak’. Dejima‘s technology allows Orange subscribers to request information or execute tasks in one step without having to use complex keywords, extensive menus or service guides and has built-in intelligence to interpret a subscriber’s intent.


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