964 — Cyantel provides tracking application to Vodafone Germany

Nov 28, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Cyantel, an Irish developer of location-based services, has announced that it will deliver their E-Z-Manage Resource Manager to Vodafone Germany to start a service called Vodafone “FleetManagement”. E-Z-Manage Resource Manager is a location-based service that enables companies to locate their workers using information from the mobile phone network. Mobile phone networks have the ability to locate phone users by reference to the closest phone mast to an accuracy of less than 500m in urban areas.

“Cyantel is delighted to have been selected by Vodafone Germany, a recognised leader in location technology in the largest market in Europe” stated Pádraig Murphy, Cyantel CEO. “Our success is a result of significant R&D investment over the past 4 years that has placed us at the forefront of this emerging market. Our application is targeted at businesses with mobile workforces who can improve efficiency, productivity and customer service by knowing where their resources are located. Cyantel is now at the forefront of this exciting new business area”.