973 — India call centres do not provide good service to customer, ContactBabel finds

Dec 3, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

New research published today by ContactBabel shows that Indian call centre agents get paid less than an eighth of their UK counterparts’ salaries, and do not provide as good a service to the customer. A survey of over 300 UK and Indian call centre operations finds that average starting salaries for an Indian call centre agent are £125 per month, less than 12per cent of their UK equivalents’ salaries (almost £13,000 p.a. and Indian agents answer calls more than twice as quickly as UK workers, and work 6 hours a week longer than UK agents.

However, on average, UK agents deal with 25 per cent more calls each hour than Indian agents, and resolve 17 per cent more of these calls first-time. British call centre workers tend to stay with their company for well over 3 years. On average, Indian call centre workers move on after only 11 months in the job.

Steve Morrell, author of the ContactBabel reports “The UK & Indian Contact Centre Operational Reviews” commented: “While everyone knows that Indian call centre workers are paid a fraction of UK salaries, it still comes as a shock to see they earn as little as 12 per cent of a UK call centre worker’s salary, especially as they are also asked to work much longer hours than UK staff. It seems the UK still leads in quality of service, with many more calls both handled per hour, and dealt with first-time compared to India”.