974 — ASC launches new call recording solution for SME’s

Dec 4, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

ASC telecom, a provider of performance improvement solutions for contact centres, announced today the launch of MARATHON EVOlite, ASC’s new plug-and-play communications recording solution for Small to Medium Enterprises. MARATHON EVOlite, lays its engineering foundation on being the first Linux-based communications recorder capturing and recording all customer interactions from 4 up to 32 channels simultaneously with a minimum on-line storage of 15,000 recording hours allowing for both record-on-demand and full-time recording.

“Increasingly, smaller businesses are asking for much of the sophistication and reliability of larger enterprise solutions, but with a pricing model that matches their budgets” commented Guenther Mueller, chairman and CEO of ASC telecom. “MARATHON EVOlite represents the ideal solution for the SME market and its reselling channel, combining reliable, feature-rich communications recording in an almost out-of-the-box affordable package. MARATHON EVOlite is also a further statement of our long-term commitment to small and medium sized businesses.”

MARATHON EVOlite can be configured to record, live monitor and archive communications at one location and to provide search and replay facilities through browser-based interfaces both at the recording unit and remotely via local networks (LAN/WAN), intranet or a secure Internet connection.

If several business locations need recording, MARATHON EVOlite allows for multiple units to be networked together for access to any call from any place. For call evaluation purposes, up to eight separate channels may be replayed simultaneously and by using the Last Call Repeat function, calls can be played back via any telephone line.


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