975 — Laurent Philonenko appointed new CEO of Genesys

Dec 5, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Alcatel announced that, effective January 1, 2004, Ad Nederlof will assume the position of chairman of Genesys. Since February 2000, he has been president and CEO of Genesys. In his new role Mr Nederlof will expand his consultative work with customers while continuing to be a driving force on corporate strategy. The company simultaneously appointed Genesys’ chief operating officer Laurent Philonenko as President and CEO of Genesys. Mr. Philonenko will continue overseeing daily operations, as well as assuming leadership of Genesys.

“Ad Nederlof is an incredible asset to Alcatel and Genesys, growing the business significantly over the last few years and overseeing the successful acquisitions of IBM’s call center unit and Telera,” said Olivier Houssin, president of the private communications group of Alcatel. “We’re pleased to be able to continue to leverage his expertise and vision as he becomes Genesys’ Chairman.”

“The time I have spent at Genesys has offered me some of the most rewarding experiences of my career. As Chairman, I’m particularly looking forward to spending time with our customers and continuing to understand and work toward visionary customer interaction solutions for the future,” said Ad Nederlof. “I move to my new role knowing that the day-to-day leadership of Genesys will be in the capable hands of Laurent Philonenko, who has been instrumental in making our company the success that it is today.”

Commenting on his new role as Chief Executive Officer, Laurent Philonenko said: “Over the last 14 years, Genesys has proven itself to be a visionary company, both in terms of technology and strategic direction. Looking to the future, as call centers continue to be recognized as and integrated with mission-critical business systems, we will focus our efforts on unifying communications and information into a single, cohesive system. I am excited and honoured to lead Genesys in this endeavour.”


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