977 — Babel reads SMS, symbols and messages for Imagetalk

Dec 5, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Imagetalk has selected Babel-Infovox’ embedded Text-to-Speech solution, PocketBabil,  for its mobile communication tool on Imagetalk Pocket and Imagetalk Smartphone applications. The Babel-Infovox speech synthesis integrated in these products supports all major European languages, including Nordic. Imagetalk Pocket currently runs on Fujitsu Siemens Loox (both 600 and 610) and on HP iPaq 2210 PDA-devices. It is an integrated solution for augmentative and alternative communication with the help of symbols and Babel-Infovox’ speech synthesis.

Soon to arrive on the market is Imagetalk Smartphone, a Symbian-native button-based version of the Imagetalk messaging application, also with built-in PocketBabil speech synthesis. The list of possible devices include Nokia 3650, 6600 s Siemens and Samsung.

Juhani Selänniemi, CEO of Imagetalk explains: “Imagetalk brings true mobility to assistive communications. With well-integrated speech synthesis, we bring the joy of mobile messaging and calendaring to people who need visual and auditive assistance in terms of text-based communication. PocketBabil is a natural choice for us as it offers a broad variety of supported languages and mobile platforms .”