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Dec 10, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Avaya announced a new release of the company’s flagship IP telephony software, Communication Manager 2.0. With this release, Communication Manager increases security with new support for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), protecting voice conversations carried on converged networks in an open standards environment. Additionally, new IP signalling encryption defends enterprises against hacker attempts and those seeking to steal confidential information transmitted between a headquarters and a branch office.

The new release of Communication Manager also contains new Unicode support to expand the multi-lingual capabilities of an IP telephone’s visual displays, such as caller ID and web screen content. Unicode is a standard that allows text in virtually any language to be rendered on a device or PC display. With Unicode, Avaya Communication Manager expands its language support, introducing the software in Japanese, Chinese, and Russian.

Avaya Communication Manager enhances its Extension-to-Cellular application, enabling cell phone users to access an expanded array of call handling functions. Avaya Extension-to-Cellular lets users extend their primary business phone number to their cell phone — providing one-number accessibility.

This application now extends essential call handling features to a cell phone, enabling mobile employees to use their cell phones to initiate multi-party conference calls, forward and transfer calls to other employees, or negotiate between multiple callers.

The new release of Avaya Communication Manager provides a packaging, available in either a single-site or multi-site edition for organisations serving multiple locations, and now integrates built-in management tools. The software serves as the foundation for all of Avaya‘s converged products, including today’s new introductions:

· A media gateway designed for small branch offices (Avaya G350 Media Gateway).
· A media gateway for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with mission-critical communications (Avaya G650 Media Gateway).
· A media server for SMEs (Avaya S8500 Media Server).
· A mid-range IP telephone, featuring a graphic display and web-enabled capabilities (Avaya 4610SW IP Telephone).
· An IP speakerphone for conference room deployment featuring wide microphone coverage (Avaya 4690 IP Speakerphone).
· Two wireless IP phones: a compact version for general enterprise deployment (Avaya 3616 IP Wireless Telephone) and a rugged version for industrial and institutional applications (Avaya 3626 IP Wireless Telephone).
· The new version of the company’s IP messaging application (Avaya Modular Messaging 1.1).

The new G350 and G650 Media Gateways enable organisations to effectively deploy and manage Communication Manager features across offices from 8 to 36,000 users. This includes Localised Dialling Plan features, which let branch offices and other regional locations customise department extensions, regional announcements, outside access codes and other calling capabilities.

Among the business continuity solutions are RAM Disk call processing for the Avaya S8500 Media Server for SME’s, Local Survivable Processor (LSP) options for the G350 Media Gateway and duplicate IP server interfaces for G650 Media Gateway port networks. Communication Manager contains new diagnostic tools that enable routine maintenance or upgrades to occur without interrupting voice traffic on a network.

New Avaya applications include the next version of Avaya’s IP messaging platform, Avaya Modular Messaging 1.1, which provides internet standards-based messaging and call answering solutions. With this solution, customers have choices of desktop messaging by phone, IP phone, web browser, IMAP4 clients, and plug-ins to Microsoft Outlook.

In addition to the software’s Extension-to-Cellular enhancements, Avaya Communication Manager introduces second generation of IP wireless telephones for those requiring mobile communications throughout their work campus. These 802.11-ready devices come in a lightweight version for corporate use (3616) or a new heavy-duty version (3626) for those working in industrial environments.

Communication Manager also powers the next generation of Avaya IP phones, broadening its portfolio with a new web-enabled IP desktop phone (4610SW), an IP conference station (4690), and the second generation of Avaya IP wireless telephones.

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